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Problem Solving Skills Development

Aptitude Shortcuts Workshop is ideally suited for final and pre-final engineering students with some background and training in aptitude and soft skill it will be very useful for the students to get place in multinational companies with the help of our CRT team.

Campus recruitment training (CRT) :

Campus recruitment Training is all about helping students clear the multiple stages of recruitment and ultimately land the job. Today, in any college, the question is NOT whether campus recruitment training must be conducted but rather WHO SHOULD BE CONDUCTING IT. The training is typically comprises of two or more elements such as Aptitude, Language logical reasoning, Technical and Soft Skills,

SMART-Aptitude training:

General Aptitude comprises Quantitative, Reasoning and Verbal Ability

  • 1) Quantitative Ability

    Quantitative Aptitude is all about one’s ‘flair for numbers’. Questions are from various topics of arithmetic, algebra and geometry in the form of direct problem solving or the more indirect data sufficiency.

  • 2) Reasoning Ability

    Reasoning is of many types – Logical, Analytical, Critical, Nom-Verbal, etc. While definitions may vary, the idea behind it is to test one’s application of logic to draw inferences or conclusions based on given premises or assumptions.

Communication skill development

Here the thrust is more on ‘functional English’ with the objective of building a stronger language base for better listening, speaking, reading and writing skills



Verbal Ability refers to one’s ‘flair for language’, specifically English in the context of company aptitude tests. The verbal sections of Aptitude Tests are essentially designed to evaluate the test-taker’s command over Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension and Application.

GD-PI planning:


Our CRT team helps the students to improve their knowledge in the following parts: Such as

Technical and domain skill development

Each time you improve your soft skills good things start to happen. Even modest improvements in soft skills can improve your professional and personal prospects.

Technical Skills

Technical Skills relevant to Placement Tests and Technical Interviews are covered. A combination of classroom inputs and lab sessions cover the entire gamut of Data Structures, C, C++, OOPS, DBMS, Networks, Operating Systems.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills in the context of Employability has two major segments:

Employment services

Our employment services. We are committed to go an extra mile for you. Our instructors are well versed Java Certified Professional and Highly Experienced in Web Application Development, Designing, Testing and support using Java technology Hands on experience in core Java and ability to develop creative solutions for complex problems Working with Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, MySQL, Web Services, REST, XML, Java Scripts and HTML Extensive experience in developing various web based applications using JSP, Servlet, JavaScript, Jquery, Struts, Object Oriented Development OOPS.

We provide guaranteed job support and we will help you to design your career by getting you the right offers and sending you for interviews till you get hired. Our faculties will make sure that your resume is industry ready.

Technical training division: