• Information Security
    Code of Ethics
    "This course goes deep down into depths of networking, systems, web applications, actual exploitation &
    helps beginners to take their confident first step towards information security field"
  • Practical Learning
    "Our courses focus on the application of the concepts and
    give you the practical exposure needed to succeed in your career"

Emerging Courses

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT, Personality Development etc..

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Programming Languages

Core Java,PHP,Python,Advance Java will make you expert in Programming!

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Information Security

Information security is the practice of preventing unauthorized access.

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Welcome To AICL

AICL is a leading IT solution and service provider, provides innovative information technology – enabled solutions and services. It is composed to deliver truly remarkable and rewarding learning opportunities. AICL is a leading training platform where institutions keen to upgrade their students through training programs are serviced with an objective driven approach.

Our strategy stems from the evolution that the market witnessed over a period of time and expert engagement became the requirement instead of conventional trainers taking training programs. Today clients are mindful that colleges that invest in training programs are more attuned to achieving their goals through the student community.

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Updated Course Contents as per corporate standards.

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To make Students day-to day Expert.

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Faculty gives Practical Knowledge training which helps students
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